Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Big Dipper Videos!

Check 'em out...

All Going Out Together

Younger Bums

Faith Healer (Official)

"Big Sky"

Big Sky definitely ranks pretty high up there amongst my favorite Kinks songs, so I was pretty happy to see that one of my favorite bands (and WFMU's resident cover band) Yo La Tengo took on the song back in 1986 on their debut LP Ride The Tiger. It's a very faithful cover of the song, maybe even a little too faithful, but they definitely do it justice. I only recently picked up Ride The Tiger and while they're not yet at their peak, it is a really really great first album. Grab the zip file for both versions of Big Sky and my favorite track from Ride The Tiger, The Cone Of Silence.


Friday, July 25, 2008

From The Fire: Part 3

David Byrne - Uh-Oh
(Amazon Link)


I was extremely happy when we pulled this one from the box of burned cd's because it is just one of those albums I had always wanted to pick up, but for some reason or another never did. First off, this is easily my favorite album cover from ANY Byrne project, solo or otherwise. Every time I look at it I smile. And the album does it's best to live up to it. Coming out 4 years after Naked (wait, whaaaaa? $0.85 on Amazon? Get that!), the final Talking Heads album, Byrne pretty much picks things up right where that album left off by continuing to fuse and filter the rest of the world's music through his own unique and brilliant sensibilities. While there may not be anything here as instantly catchy and beautiful as Totally Nude or (Nothing But) Flowers, it's still well worth your time. Let's face it, it's David Byrne, just watching the guy step up to the plate is exciting. Enjoy the three tracks here, and if you just can't get yourself enough Byrne, pick up a copy of Look Into The Eyeball ($1.70! What's going on here???), for me, it's the best of his solo work.

In the zip you'll find three of my favorite tracks from the album:

1. Now I'm Your Mom
2. Hanging Upside Down
3. A Million Miles Away


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

SZ July '08 Mix

zurich july mix

Hey, haven't posted in a looooong while, so I figured I put together a mix of the tunes I've been listening to a lot of lately. Hope you enjoy it!


Track List

1. Socs Hip -Lilys
2. Akula Owu Onyeara -The Funkees
3. Army of Ancients - Dr. Dog
4. Bros In Arms - The M's
5. Achoo - Sparks
6. Fairfax Rag - Harry Nilsson
7. I'm Lost Without You Here - Rocketship
8. fri/end - Thurston Moore
9. Bonnie - Big Dipper
10. Seven Fingers - Black Francis
11. Amplifier - The dB's
12. The Sublimation Hour- Destroyer
13. Million Dollar Bash - Fairport Convention
14. Soy Solo Para Ti - Victor Boa Y Su Musica
15. Gone - Travel by Sea