Thursday, March 06, 2008

New Smoking Popes Musics!!!


While sifting through the news section over at Pitchfork, my jaw hit the keyboard when I saw that Smoking Popes had a new album in the works. And while it's not coming out until early next year, they've put a few tracks on their myspace page, and they're sweet!

Growing up in Chicago, I got to catch these guys play their hearts out at the Metro all the time. I'm reasonably sure that they headlined the first show I ever went to without my parents. I came home with the near perfect punk pop ep Get Fired and played it to death on my shitty boombox. Here's two of my favorite tracks from that ep, Not That Kind of Girlfriend and Let's Hear It For Love.

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mikejonze said...

there's a moment in "pretty pathetic" that gives me the chills every time i listen to it. and i love the caterers for that.