Friday, July 03, 2009

Arrows & Soundtracks

Hey there! Long time no post! So I've been making this show for Channel 101 for the last 3 months called Arrow and I just wanted to post them here since they're stuffed with music. There's a temporary link up to the tracks at the bottom. Hope you enjoy!

Arrow (Ep 1)

Arrow from dannyjelinek on Vimeo.

Arrow (Ep 2)

Arrow (Ep 2) from dannyjelinek on Vimeo.

Arrow (Ep 3)

Arrow (Ep 3) from dannyjelinek on Vimeo.



Fabian said...

I love Arrow. :)
I'd really like to listen to the soundtrack, but the link is down.

erin said...

the link's not-working fills me with infinite sadness, too.

Arrow blew me away. totally redefined my opinion of what someone could attain in a Channel101 video.

maaayonaise said...

i wish someone would put the soundtrack back up. the music is lovely!