Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Cealed Kasket

Nothing like a little Spinal Tappian metal to start off your Tuesday. These guys hail from Chicago and they bring the death. If you're in Chicago, you really have to check out their show for the full experience. It's like going to a pub sized Medieval Times, and their zealous fan base has a way of sucking you into the theatrics. Check out this hilarious track I grabbed from their myspace page, but be warned, you may be repeating the words "you and your horse" over and over again in your head (and perhaps out loud) for the rest of the day.


Check out 'Chivalry and Honor' while your at their page too, it's a goooooood one. And buy their cd. And buy a t-shirt. And give your soul to the Soul Collector. And have a nice day.

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