Friday, September 22, 2006

Van Dyke Parks & Madlib

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Sometimes I get the feeling that Madlib has some secret machine that he plugs into his encyclopedic mind that materializes his musical whims on command. His knowledge of music is so vast and well digested that he can seemingly effortlessly crank out albums, mixes, and side projects at the speed of thought. That is why I was caught off guard when I actually did recognize one of the many obscure musical references on The Beat Konducta: Vol. 1-2. The rest are still a mystery to me. For your listening pleasure I’m posting ‘The All Golden’ by Brian Wilson’s SMiLE collaborator Van Dyke Parks (off of Song Cycle) and Madlib’s re-working of it ‘Left On Silverlake (Ride)’. Enjoy!

The All Golden by Van Dyke Parks

Left On Silverlake (Ride) by Madlib

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