Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Gondry Ketchup

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I'm a pretty big Michel Gondry fan. I own the music videos collection and his movies, but somehow I managed to miss pretty much every clip since the 'Hardest Button To Button' video. Don't really know how that happened (considering there's some perty big names mixed in the batch), but I'd like to think that maybe I'm not alone. And so, for anyone who may need it, I've collected a bunch of videos here from the last few years. They're pretty awesome, especially "Denial Twist" "Walkie Talkie Man" and "Heard 'Em Say". Enjoy!

HP Commercial

Cell Phone's Dead

King Of The Game

Winning Days

The Denial Twist

Heard 'Em Say

A Ribbon

*Note: Left out 'Mad World' on purpose, remember actually seeing this video a lot.

I Wonder

Walkie Talkie Man


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