Tuesday, July 31, 2007

You Don't Get More Pavement Than This...

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For every great band there is usually another band that is great at sounding just like them. For The Velvet Underground, it's The Warlocks. For The Beach Boys, it's The High Llamas. And now for Pavement, it's Hockey Night. I usually enjoy these albums for a spin or three before I long for the source material, but Hockey Night's newest release Keep Guessin' has popped onto my iPod WAY more than that, and it's mostly because of this track. If you're a big Pavement fan, this song will send you on this emotional journey...

Denial - "Nuh uh, this HAS to be Pavement."
Anger - "Fuck these guys, Malkmus should sue them. I mean come on."
Bargaining - "I'll be a better person."
Depression - "Man. I miss Pavement."
Acceptance - "This track actually rules."


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