Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Foundry Field Recordings

Part of me likes to think that the members of The Foundry Field Recordings really spend their free time walking around in open spaces with vintage recording equipment collecting sounds like so many precious gems. And while I know that they probably just did it that day because there was a photographer there, I shut down that logic when I’m playing this album.

I heeded the enthusiastic losanjealous endorsement a while ago and still find myself reaching for this album pretty often. Prompts/Miscues is an amazing debut that is ridiculously solid throughout. I’m posting my two favorites from the album and I think you’ll find that these guys have an incredible amount of range. Enjoy!

“Broken Strings” is an inspired ballad that is performed with unfettered sincerity. If you’ve ever had your heart broken, prepare yourself to feel that way all over again for the next five minutes.

That said, these guys can also bring the heat. “Buried Beneath The Winter Frames” starts off as a likable and catchy pop song, but grows a serious set of fangs as it progresses. And it becomes a serious addiction thereafter. This diddy has popped up on just about every playlist in my iPod.

** Also as a side note, I just discovered while collecting links that they have a new album for sale, Fallout Stations. I’ve already ordered mine, if it’s anywhere as good as this stuff you’ll be hearing about it real soon.

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