Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Jerry Jeff Walker - London Homesick Blues

That's Jerry Jeff on the right, with Willie Nelson & Jack Rodgers.

From the first time I heard this whiskey soaked bar closer of a song, I instantly loved it. I just played it on repeat for a week solid and never grew sick of it. There’s just something about it’s laid back, off-the-cuff performance that draws you in completely and makes you long to be back home with the armadillos, (you’ll know what that means after you listen to it). Viva Terlingua is pretty much the perfect hang out album; it’s easy on the ears, not too demanding, but occasionally makes you sit up and take notice. And yes, I used a semi-colon. I’m not really sure if Walker is even doing the lead vocals on this cut, but I’m reasonably sure that if this song is playing through your car speakers, you’ll be fronting the band.

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