Tuesday, November 27, 2007

"Any Day Now"

What makes Scott Walker the most interesting crooner to me is that unlike Sinatra or Dean Martin (or any other crooner for that matter) he doesn’t ooze self-confidence in every note he sings. Many of his songs have his characters exposing their most vulnerable neurotic thoughts. Any Day Now has Walker awaiting the end of a relationship he dearly wants to hang on to. Don’t fall for it’s cheery flute and it’s boom-snick-booms, this is not a happy song. The only place I was able to find this song on CD was on The Collection, but if you’re going to start investigating Scott Walker start with Scott 3 & Scott 4, there’s a lot of gems there.

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ernaisha said...

dude. i frickin love scott walker.

i'm glad to know this blog exists, i've been ignoring new music for awhile cause i don't have an easy way to filter out the junk anymore. now you have made it possible! thanks yo