Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mull Historical Society

Mull Historical Society is one of those bands that is really one guy, but you can’t have a sweet name like that and not have a sweet photo of a bunch of 70’s historians to go with it, so I went ahead and posted one, (for the record that’s the San Joaquin County Historical Society pictured above). But had I not posted that picture, you’d be looking at a Scottish guy named Colin MacIntyre who writes some of the most beautifully arranged songs you can find in the echoed hallways of indie rock. You can hear traces of ABBA and Brian Wilson in his songs, and I’m sure I don’t need remind you that that’s a GOOD thing. He has a great habit of starting his songs small and then letting them flourish as they progress until they seem like they’re about to burst. The only album of his I own is 2001’s Loss, and I highly suggest you own it as well. Here’s a couple of tracks to persuade you…

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