Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Beulah - Handsome Western States

So my friend Abed gave me this album a while ago and I FINALLY got around to listening to it and now it's all I can listen to! Well this and the new Gram Parsons & Flying Burrito Brothers release. In any case, this is Beulah's first album and it's pretty much a straight listen through, yep, that's right, you won't be needing that skip button once this is on. According to allmusic this is their lowest ranked album so I'm psyched to check out the rest of their albums because if that's true I'm in for a real treat. But that can't be true, this album is too good for that to be true. It's out of print, so unless you're prepared to pay upwards of $40, here's a link to the Amazon download. Here's my favorite two tracks from Handsome Western States so far, now get your NoCal on!

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Abed said...


awesome album, true, it's a straight good listen all the way through, they made this from their demo tapes and it was back when they were a hard working struggling band, what's sad is they would struggle throughout their career until they finally called it quits, but I'm hearing it's just a long break.

Beulah seriously is amazing, any album and you'll find gold there, "The Coast is Never Clear" is their Revolver.