Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Vote The Rock

Hey I know you guys are all responsible citizens doing your research on all the candidates, but if you also happen to dig The Fiery Furnaces, you should definitely go over to their website today so you can cast your vote for what their next opus should be in their comments section. There are some really solid album ideas up there, but this one was my favorite:

Archer Ave. Cupid’s Corner
Chicago Fall album. (The band and the season (the band The Fall and not the band Chicago).) Music in imitation of the early 80’s, double-drumming Fall, but the ensemble consisting not of that sort of band but, instead, a 18th-century-performance-style outfit like the old Il Complesso Barocco or La Petite Bande. (Though with rock drum kit also, often.)

Not bad eh? Also, I finally picked up Widow City and it's fantastic! (Side note, it's cheaper at Best Buy than at that Amazon link.) Here's my favorite song from the album below!

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